Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation

DSC/DIN – Obtain Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for each Director / Promoter before making any application to ROC.

Name – Apply for the name availability of the proposed company to ROC. For this one has to fill Form INC-1 and submit online along with requisite fee with ROC.

Name Validity – Once Name is approved and made available by the ROC it remains valid for 60 days from the date of name application. Preparation of documents – After getting the name following documents are prepared

Memorandum of Association – The Memorandum of Association is the charter of a company. It is a document, which amongst other things, defines the area within which the company can operate.

Articles of Association – The articles of a company shall contain the regulations for management of the company. The articles of association of a company are its bye-laws or rules and regulations that govern the management of its internal affairs and the conduct of its business.

Letter of authority to a person for carrying out corrections.

Declaration by the Promoter Directors.

Form DIR-12 for the Directors.

Form INC-22 for registered office address

Once ROC is satisfied and scrutiny is completed he will issue certificate of Incorporation. The company would come into existence from the date of Certificate of incorporation.